Company Background

Welcome to your Expedition with Cornerstone!

The 1980’s heralded the design and foundation of Cornerstone International Group, when Mr. C. William Guy, came up with the vision of creating a consortium of like firms to form a larger consulting firm network infrastructure; a strong consortium having regional foothold along with global reach & expertise. At the time, he owned a small management consulting firm focusing only on retained executive search. Today, aiming to take executive search to the next level & explore untapped opportunities in the Human Resources segment, Cornerstone continues to provide personalized services complying with the best industry standards.

In the present day, Cornerstone International Group has 70 offices in virtually every major business center, including key cities in developing markets. We provide global reach and local high quality services to clients ranging from the world’s largest multi-national corporations to small local companies.

More significantly, we have made sure that our network delivers a superior service due to its unique structure that reflects present day dynamic Business milieu.

  • We hand-pick experienced leaders for Retained Executive Search in their region
  • As a network in constant touch within, we deliver a uniform global mandate through experts in place at every required location.

Cornerstone International Group has international headquarters located in Atlanta, Georgia, USA and Shanghai, China. It is currently headed globally by Mr. Simon Wan & Mr. Larry Shoemaker. Simon is the Chief Executive of Cornerstone International Group worldwide and also the President of Cornerstone in China, based in the Shanghai office. Larry is President of Cornerstone International Group & founder of Shoemaker & Associates.

Mr. C. William Guy
Founder & Former Chairman cum CEO
Mr. C. William Guy is the Founder & former Chairman cum CEO of Cornerstone International Group. Mr. Guy has served as a consultant to Board of Directors and senior management of many of the world's largest organizations in both the public and private sectors. This senior-level consulting appointment has included numerous executive evaluations of Chairpersons, Presidents, Managing Directors, and other top management in virtually every industry. His acuity & strong business acumen has played a key role in providing Cornerstone with a distinct & valuable competitive advantage.

Prior to entering the executive search profession, Mr. Guy served as a Group Executive for five subsidiaries of an NYSE-listed conglomerate (International Industries Inc.) with worldwide responsibility. Mr. Guy holds a degree in Business Administration and a degree in Economics from CSUN, and has lectured students from many colleges including Stanford, Claremont Colleges, SFV College of Law, etc. He has authored many articles, books, and guest columns on career planning and organizational leadership.

Mr. Simon Wan
Simon is the Chief Executive of Cornerstone International Group worldwide, also the President of Cornerstone in China and is based at the Shanghai office.

Simon’s clients are senior level executives and business owners who look up for world class support & advice on talent acquisitions and HR issues. He has an innate interest in working with HR executives & business owners who want to improve their organizational competencies and passionately want to leave an imprint of their legacy in office.

Simon holds his Bachelor and MBA degree from the University of Alberta, Canada. He is also member of the International Coach Federation and a Certified NLP Coach. He brings in nine years of experience in executive search and recruiting. He joined Cornerstone China as President in 2003. Prior to this, Simon was with Philips Lighting as General Manager, China / East Asia and was previously General Manager of Carnation Foods, Getz Brothers trading and in government services in Canada as the Trade Director for China & South Pacific.

Larry Shoemaker
Larry is President, Cornerstone International Group & Founder of Shoemaker & Associates. Since 1990, Larry has been conducting senior-level recruiting assignments, executive coaching and leadership assessments throughout North America, as well as globally. His focus is on the candidate’s fit with the organization’s culture.

Larry’s vast experience as an executive coach and assessment trainer gives a unique perspective to a search, thus bringing a significant portion of his business assignments from past clients & through their recommendations.

Larry received his Bachelor of Science degree from The University of Tennessee & MBA degree from Georgia State University. He holds International Coach Federation, ACC Credential & is Certified CCEC Coach along with being a Professional Certified Assessment Trainer. Prior to beginning his executive search career, Larry’s professional experience included more than two decades in general management, sales and marketing management, strategic business development and mergers & acquisitions.

He has been a key contributor to distinguished organizations ranging from Fortune 200, middle market, U.S. divisions of German and Italian headquartered companies and family owned entrepreneurial companies.