Board & CEO advisory

Board Search is a rare opportunity to introduce fresh skills and experience to the organization. Nowadays many boards are grasping the opportunity to reorganize. Critical Board Search assignments requires an understanding of the specific needs of the board and an insight into the unique nature of a company — its people, its products and its strategy.

At Cornerstone, our approach begins with a systematic assessment of needs, comparing the company’s strategic plan with outline of the skills and experience of the current board. Our consultants are well equipped to meet the challenge and are careful to look for talent who can operate effectively in a group, provide synergy for the rest of the team, and keep in mind the broader interests of the company and its shareholders.

We have unparalleled access to potential directors and possess detailed information on their careers, availability, interests and conflicts. Our personal relationships with directors are complemented by a powerful database containing information on prospective candidates, updated on a daily basis.

We often work with clients over a period of years, restructuring entire boards or enhancing approaches to governance. We consult with clients on a wide range of issues and have customized solution for each.