Leadership Consulting

Getting the right people at the Top has never been an easy job. Most organizations are beset with troubles regarding best people decisions at the top. There are a number of reasons for this phenomenon ranging from assessment troubles to psychological traps. Not many organizations are adept at hiring winners for top positions, given the challenges. Nevertheless when leadership thrives, so does the organizational performance. This is where Cornerstone CEO Services step in to help organizations make the right recruiting decisions for top positions.

We work with the CEO’s, boards and top brass ofleading organizations, advising them on nurturing effective and resonant leadership. The issues that can plague leadership range from strategic to personal. We leverage our solid experience and expertise to help organizational leadership achieve its full potential. We also help build and coach leadership capability needed to deliver performance.

The question we often ask in business is “How difficult it is to be a CEO?” The likely answer is it’s really hard! Great CEOs are great leaders, not great bosses. They are responsible for charting out and communicating the core organizational strategy. When it comes to the culture of the organization, again it’s the CEO who sets the tone. The VUCA times we live in today demand a strong core culture to keep a company rooted. Last but not the least, hiring and growing talent is another of a CEO’s responsibilities.

At Cornerstone, we provide advisory services to CEO’s, Presidents and business heads in terms of the much needed focus and expertise. All CEO’s and owners need assistance at some level and this is where we step in.