Strategy Implementation

In a constantly changing business environment, strategy and its implementation could be the difference between survival and death of an organization. Most organizations struggle when it comes to the deployment of their strategies.

Cornerstone has been helping Boards and CEOs in crafting the organization strategy for more than 25 years and been a key facilitator for the strategy implementation.

We use Balanced Scorecard as the strategy tool.

Our approach:

1) Define Vision, Mission and Values
2) Assessment of Internal and External Environments
3) Developing Strategic Initiatives and defining the Strategy Scorecard using the Balanced Scorecard approach
4) Cascading it to Divisions/ Functions/ Departments using the Strategy Deployment Matrix (SDM)
5) Creating Individual Goal Sheets
6) Facilitating Review Mechanism using Performance Index Tools

Our approach seamlessly aligns the individual goals with the “Big Picture” strategy.

For more details Please contact Mr. Vijay Karkare, Managing Director - Cornerstone India at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.